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Hi! We’re Moose Jaw’s Metal Farmers, but you can call us the Nelson family.

We’re into heavy metal. Light metal too.

While we do enjoy our share of metal shows, we’re mostly passionate about keeping landfill levels low and re-purposing materials one load at a time.

We noticed that our landfill was becoming landFULL, and realized we needed to be more conscious of our waste and where it goes. We decided to help people make greener disposal decisions, by making it easy for folks to recycle their scrap metal – and that’s how we became owners of Silver Star Salvage and Recycling!

Silver Star's crane working in the yard.

We love what we do! Located here in Moose Jaw, we serve people across south-central Saskatchewan. We’re pretty easygoing, and being a smaller place, we don’t really have wait times. Most of our customers are in and out within minutes!

And… we get to play with cool toys like our Genesis Shear. (Honestly, it’s our pride and joy, you NEED to see it. Stop on by!)

So listen – if it’s metal, we’ll take it! If you’re a farmer, plumber, electrician, builder, do-it-yourself-er, run a landfill, do a lot of renos, or what-have-you, you might have a lot of scrap metal on your hands. Just bring it to us, or drop it off in the yellow bin at the landfill.

We’re friendly, we’re local, and we can’t wait to serve you!


“I always stop there. Sell scrap or buy. Really good place.”

William N

“In-laws were selling the farm and needed to get rid of some beaters. Called these guys up to take a look. They were super nice and easy to work with. They took care of everything, buying all the metal from us. It was a win – would recommend these guys all the way.”

Anastasia Z

“The customer service and quality you’d expect. Good choice.”


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